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Aultman Orrville Hospital Transitional Care ProgramWhat is Transitional Care?

When you reach the point in your recovery that acute care is no longer necessary, but you are not ready to leave the hospital, you can be evaluated for our program that provides continued skilled follow-up care.

The Transitional Care Program, or also known as the skilled bed program, is an excellent option that is helpful when you need only a few more days or weeks in order to reach your maximum recovery potential. Even if the original hospitalization occurred elsewhere, you may still qualify for the program at Aultman Orrville Hospital.

Services Provided

  • Rehabilitation Services (Physical, Occupational and/or Speech Therapy).
  • Complex wound care.
  • Infections requiring IV antibiotics.
  • Certain respiratory conditions requiring daily inhalation medication.
  • Pain management.
  • Nutritional guidance.

Qualifications for Admission

Not all patients qualify for the transitional care or skilled be program. It is essential that the following criteria be met to participate:

  • You must have a qualifying three-day acute care hospital stay.
  • You must have Medicare Part A coverage or be covered by an insurance plan that approves the stay. Aultman Orrville has agreements with most insurance plans. To verify if your plan is covered, please call 330-363-4003.
  • You must have a referring physician to qualify for the program. The hospitalists at Aultman Orrville will direct your care and treatment while you are here.
  • You must continue to show documented progress in order to continue to participate in the program.

If you do not qualify for admission based on the criteria above:

  • You may choose to participate in a self-pay program.
  • You can make arrangements by calling 330-363-4003.

How Long Can a Patient Stay in the Skilled Bed Program?

  • Your length of stay can vary based on your specific needs. This depends on the type of skilled care required, your physician and your progress toward recovery goals. It is dependent on your progress, physician and or type of skilled care required.
  • Medicare pays 100 percent of your costs for the first 20 days, depending on your level of care.

 Discharge Planning

  • Our program is designed to be short term and prepare you to return home. The discharge planning process begins when you are admitted to the unit. All members of the interdisciplinary team, including you and your family, meet on a regular basis and develop a plan to meet your needs. Your discharge plan is discussed frequently, so that you have reasonable expectations and advanced notice about discharge. Arrangements for special needs or equipment are addressed to facilitate a smooth transition to care after discharge.


  • Aultman Orrville provides a homelike atmosphere with comfortable rooms and overnight accommodations for an advocate or representative. Visiting is unrestricted. Meals are prepared in-house and can be ordered from a menu.


  • Aultman Orrville Hospital is located on Route 57, approximately three miles north of Interstate route 30 in Orrville, Ohio.

For more information, call Care Management or Social Services at 330-363-4003.


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